Learning to Write Real Good

Novels Sent out with a Prayer

I want to learn how to write real good. The tiny grammar checker guy in my computer just highlighted that last sentence because “write real good” is terrible grammar.

This time I’m ignoring his helpful advice, because by that grammatically challenged, “non-standard English” phrase I mean using writing skills for the benefit of others. In one sense, any author who writes an entertaining novel is writing real good, if only to offer readers a few hours of beneficial R&R.

But I also try to weave important, life-changing biblical concepts into my stories. In that, I hope and pray I’m “writing real good” for my readers.

Breaking Down Prison Walls with Books!

Flying booksI am tickled pink to have found a great place to donate copies of my books–actually a “captive audience” for my books-Christian Library International.

What We Do (from their website)

“Christian Library International serves adult and youth prison inmates by providing Christian books, Bibles, CDs, and DVDs to prisons, jails and youth detention centers. The new and used materials are shipped directly to chaplains who distribute them by means of a lending library, a book cart or by personally giving them to the inmates. God matches up just the right book, with just the right inmate at just the right time!”

Please join me in praying that my books will bless the inmates who receive them. You can find out more about this great ministry and how you can donate books here: Donate Books

An up close and personal view of life behind bars

My interview with author Trish Jenkins underscores the importance of ministering to “the least of these” as Matthew 25 commands us to. Her book Treasures of Darkness tells about the ministry God gave her among her fellow inmates during her incarceration in an Australian prison.

Putting Non-Fiction to Good Use

Non-fiction, too, can be powerful stuff. A few years back I was privileged to be in a position to use the power of the pen to bring about good with two non-fiction pieces I wrote. You can read about how God blessed my simple efforts in the posts below.

Click to read: “Writing in the Right Tone of Voice”

Click to read: “Telling a Story for a Good Cause: No Crib for a Bed”

I would love to hear how God is blessing your use of the gifts He gave you. Share them in the comment section below.


Writing Real Good — 3 Comments

  1. God bless you Deborah! Thank you for highlighting your interview with me about my prison ministry and for bringing the Christian Library International to my attention. What a wonderful ministry! God really does match up the right books for the right inmates at the right time.
    Shortly after my arrival in prison I visited the library and only had 10 minutes to find and choose something. Almost immediately I found Jim Bakker’s, “I was wrong”. It’s the story of his fall, his prison journey and his faith during that time. I could related to so much he described. We were both “fish out of water” in a dark, dangerous place. Yet God’s was with us and changed us. It was comforting to read about another Christian who was going through a similar journey as me.
    Donating books for inmates, especially stories that encourage, makes a real difference in the lives of men and women in prison.

    God bless.

    • Thanks for stopping by to comment, Trish. I was so blessed by your book and our interview. God bless you as you continue to minister to people through your inspirational speaking around the world. Hope you visit our “neck of the woods” some day.

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