Writing Historical Fiction — 5 Comments

  1. It is amazing what some people will turn in as “researched” term papers. Sometimes it’s funny; sometimes it’s scary that they think you are that slow.
    A wonderful resource for “old-time” how-to is the Firefox series. There you can learn to butcher a hog, cane a chair, make candles, make soap, etc. There are step by step instructions in there by folks who have really done these things.

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  3. Daily baths in the 1600s! That is so funny. Boy the author of that book, must be a lot younger than me, because I remember when daily baths was considered not exactly a good thing. I remember watching Saturday morning cartoons in the 1970s and there used to be those “awareness ads” on, you know when some actor would come on and tell kids not to get in a car with strangers, or to avoid eating eggs because people died from eating eggs (anyone remember THAT ad?) and I remember one ad that frequently played which told kids of the “recent scientific discovery” that we should take a bath AS OFTEN AS ONCE PER WEEK. 1970s. Not 1870s, not a hundred years ago, but less than 40 years ago science was discovering the benefits of washing WEEKLY, not daily – weekly – and ads were being played on TV on Saturday mornings to teach kids they should remember to bath at least as often as once a week. Daily baths were not common place in the 1970s and weekly baths were so uncommon that kids had to be reminded by TV actors to take a weekly bath and to make sure they told their parents about the benefits of weekly bathing too. Daily baths in the 1600s – WOW that author didn’t even use common sense let alone do historical research!

    • I do not remember those bathing ads. But I remember that at my house we five kids took baths in a galvanized tub in the basement about once a week. It was difficult to dump the water. That was in the 1960s! I realized even then we were about a generation behind in the niceties of modern life. lol

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