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  1. Unfortunatly I’m afraid that many denominations are ignoring God’s teaching about many things. My church (Southern Baptist)is still teaching sexual purity, but I’m afraid many of our young people are ignoring the teaching.

    • Thanks for taking the time to comment. I really enjoy hearing from readers. Yes, I read a sad statistic some years ago. The % of Christian young people getting abortions was just as high as the general population’s. I haven’t heard any more recent figures, but kind of doubt it’s come down. I hope if you haven’t had the chance to read my books you will. I’d love to have your perspective on how I’m doing–in the areas of both writing and in promoting biblical principles. I consider my writing a ministry.

  2. I just want to applaud you for being a “prude!” It’s refreshing. Kids want to know the truth, and last time I checked, my Bible was pretty clear about fornication. Not sure what Bible your friend the deaconess is reading. I, too, have often wondered what other churches are teaching about sexuality. I am Catholic and I know my church is very clear in its teachings on this subject. Unfortunately, unless the parents make it a priority, their kids won’t, no matter what they hear in church. As a parent, I have made sure my kids have definitely recieved an “abstinence only” education. And the books they read reinforce that. I will have to check out your books, as I have not read them yet. Thanks for being a voice for truth. God bless you!

    • It’s so nice to talk to other prudes out there, Colleen. I hope you like my books. Actually, although I wrote them for teens, most of my readers seem to be adults. God bless your efforts to teach your children what the Bible teaches.

  3. Anyone that reads their Bible and desires to live a life pleasing to God, should practice nothing other than abstinence before marriage. This is what we teach our children and pray they follow. I am shocked and saddened that a deacon in any church has this view of young people. Thank you for setting a good example of God’s plan for our young people in your books.

    • Thank you for responding, Rebecca. May I ask what denomination(s) you’re associated with. By your shock, it must not be a liberal one. Thanks for your kind words. I hope you’ll get the chance to read my books and let me know how I’m doing.

  4. Deborah, I am with the United Pentecostal Church and we are a conservative group, doing our best to follow the Lord. I was not shocked that young people don’t follow the teachings of abstinence, because I know this happens. But I am surprised that someone in leadership would assume that their youth would hold so little regard for something so precious. I have a son that is 19 and he has chosen not to follow in the ways of the Lord and it is heartbreaking. I also have a daughter that is 14 and we talk to her regularly about what God expects of us and why. We talk about the consequences of sin and how it can change the course of your life. God’s plan is best, yesterday, today and tomorrow : )

    • Thanks for sharing, Rebecca. May God bless you as you endeavor to teach your daughter and reach your son. These are our responsibilities as parents, but we can rest in the knowledge that it is God who does the work itself. What a load off our human shoulders!

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  6. Debbie,
    you know me, I’m your friend. Not a regular churchgoer (I don’t believe in organized religion…though I was raised a Catholic))but a true believer in God, in good and evil. After 42 years as a writer I can tell you…some people will love your books and some will not. It all means nothing. Just keep writing and putting the books out there. Making each book better. I will say that I’ve had the “prudish” label stuck to me for most of my long career. Some of my characters were called “Mary Janes”, “Goody-two-shoes”, etc., and every other prudish word because I believe a book should rely on the story and the characters, not sex, gore and bad language. Something to think on: the best-selling book of all my 18 is a book with no sex, no foul language and subdued gore (as it is about a rampaging dinosaur and it is a thriller). On the other hand, most of my books don’t have teenagers as main characters (lucky me, huh?), so I don’t have to worry about teenage purity. Instead, I make my adult characters good-at-heart people with consciences. I don’t care what someone, reviewer or reader, says about my books…I’ve learned that there will be good and bad reviews and I just take the bad with the good. All people are different. And some reviewers just look, dig, for something to tear apart in a book…it’s in their envious, mean-spirited nature. Ignore those. So…stop fretting…just keep smiling …and writing. Your friend, Kathryn Meyer Griffith

    • Thanks for the encouraging words, my friend Kate. I think the thing that stuck in my craw most was that the person criticizing was was a Christian, and thus supposed to believe the Bible.

  7. I too am amazed at the assumption that God’s Word is unrealistic and can be ignored with impunity. I suppose if you believe in naturalistic evolution, you think we are nothing more than animals incapable of controlling our urges, but the Bible has a much higher view of humankind–created in God’s image, but flawed by sin, capable of choosing to forego immediate pleasure for the more long-lasting and satisfying good of relationship with God. The only thing that has stemmed the tide of AIDS in Uganda is the teaching of abstinence before marriage and fidelity after. Go ahead and be a prude, Deborah. Teens need examples of an alternative to being controlled by hormones.

    • I believe you’re right, LeAnne. The teaching of evolution has been a part of devaluing humans as little more than animals. BTW, this is one reason I especially liked Tosca Lee’s book Havah: the story of Eve. It showcased the first people as brilliant, fresh from God’s hand and brought to mind the poignancy of Milton’s Paradise Lost. Thanks for commenting, LeAnne. I plan to continue being a prude.

  8. Another applause for being a “prude”. People need higher expectations of themselves than the easy road that the sin-filled world offers. That being said, the Bible can be viewed as unrealistic and that’s the point! God is Holy. He cannot tolerate the smallest iota of sin. As broken, sinful humans we are NOT able to live up to His requirements. So telling us all His requirements for Holiness is unrealistic b/c we have not the smallest tiniest hope of living that way. But that’s the point… we cannot be Holy on our own no matter how ‘good’ we are.. we MUST have Jesus’ blood to cover us. So should we go ahead and sin that grace may abound? Obviously not. Just because something is hard, doesn’t mean you give up. God says He offers us His strength and a way out of temptation. Teens and adults need to see realistic characters who face the hard stuff and find a way to live a more God-pleasing life than what they see on TV. So keep writing those stories!

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  10. I haven’t read the New Testament, but in the old testament fornication is not a sin. Adultery = man sleeping with married woman. A man may “legally” sleep with a prostitute. A prostitute may settle down and get married later in life. A woman may not prostitute herself “in her father’s house” which could be understood to imply that only a divorced woman or a widow may prostitute herself. Skirt lengths and cleavage are also nowhere discussed in the old testament.

  11. I was shocked to read the comment as well! Being raised southern Baptist, I definitely learned to be more like your characters. And know lots of people like your characters!! Wow, the world is getting weird! My own fiction frequently deals with less pure characters, but it’s by no means usually displayed as a positive thing that somewhat being the point.

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