downloadTime and Again hit # 1 in Christian Fantasy Saturday August 24th, and I’m Having a Party to Celebrate!

Come on in! There’s food, fun, music, and books (of course).

I’m so glad you’re here. Please sign my guest book (and leave a comment) in the box at the bottom. I’d sure like to know everyone who came to the party. (You know how crowded these things are.) And the thing about virtual parties is that there’s always room for more. So please share and tweet to invite more people to share in the fun.

Surprise Appearance by my Fictional Characters.

As you mingle with the other guests, be on the lookout for Abby, John, and Merrideth.  People have asked how I came up with the characters in my books. The truth is, when I invented the characters in the Time and Again series, I based them on real people I knew (or knew of).

Abby Thomas was based on my daughter Hannah Heal. When she was in college, Hannah worked as a nanny for a troubled young girl. She would call home and tell me the challenges she faced, with the girl, but also with the girl’s mother, who seemed clueless about how bad her parenting was.



I imagined the nearly perfect John Roberts into being. (No real guy could ever measure up to him.) When I pictured him in my mind, I saw a young Ryan Reynolds. I keep a picture of Mr. Reynolds on the wall of my office to remind me what John looks like. Purely for professional reasons. (And no, it’s not the one of Ryan without his shirt.)



Merri/Merrideth was hatched from the girl Hannah tutored with a dose of Maria Lark, that young actress on the TV show Medium. After watching the whole seven years of the series on Netflix, I imagine her looks and attitude when I think of Merri. I wish I could remind Merri how successful and rich a plump young woman can be. It’s all about confidence and smiling.



Charlotte Miles character

Please especially welcome Charlotte Miles (She’s the transparent young woman by the punch bowl) as she’s come a long way to be here for the party–actually “time-surfing” from 1870. This photo is not of the real Charlotte Miles, but the one I used as inspiration for the character in Time and Again.





 Help yourself to the food.

There’s plenty. As a matter of fact, I can guarantee you it will never run out. Feel free to indulge. It’s all virtually calorie-free.

The Chocolate Bar

Since it’s my party, the desserts are all chocolate. If you prefer something else. . .well, sorry. You’re out of luck.

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The Tasty Treat Table

Appetizers, anyone? I hope you like them. I made them all myself. It’s so much cheaper than having the party catered.

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The Guest of Honor

Time and Again CoverI happened to overhear a few party goers (crashers?) say they hadn’t actually purchased their copy of the new bestseller yet. Well, no worries. Tell them to head on over to Amazon and get it while it’s hot–that is get it while it’s still only 99 cents. It will go back to its normal price September 1st. 

Click HERE to buy it. Don’t worry, we’ll still be partying when you get back.

Or maybe you need a description before you’re ready to buy. Check this out:



Time and Again

Visiting another century…not the summer vacation she had planned. 

Abby thinks tutoring an “an economically disadvantaged adolescent” as her college service project for the summer will be a snap.

Merrideth, her sullen 11-year-old student, thinks “No thanks, I don’t need a babysitter.”

John thinks Abby’s kidding when she tells him she can fast-forward and rewind life. Not her own, of course, but that of the girl who lived in Merrideth’s house 160 years ago.

It’s difficult for Abby to break through Merrideth’s emotional wall. The girl has been closed down ever since her parents’ divorce, especially since she was forced to move to the dilapidated old house that her mom inherited. But when her dad sends her a top-of-the-line computer to make up for it, Abby and Merrideth discover a crazy program that invites them to “Take a Virtual Tour” of houses around the world— including Merrideth’s. It’s a tour all right… a tour of the past when the house was new and a girl named Charlotte Miles lived there 150 years before.

It’s like being there, only better. They know Charlotte’s thoughts and feelings. They experience her joys and frustrations as she courageously takes on a huge challenge, risking her life for others while her father is off fighting in the Civil War.

Watching from a distance, Abby and Merrideth gain a new perspective on their own lives, their faith strengthened as time and again they see God’s loving hand in Charlotte’s life.

“What really made the story unique was how she brought the past to life via a computer program. While this book is geared toward teens, I think that anyone who enjoys contemporary and historical fiction woven together will certainly enjoy this book. On a scale of one to five I would easily give this book a six! Highly recommended.”         

–Brenda Casto, Amazon reviewer


Psst! Pass on this secret:

Unclaimed Legacy, book 2 in the trilogy will be going on sale soon. Step away from the party to this quiet room for my reading from Unclaimed Legacy. When the reading is over, you may snap your fingers in tribute if you wish. Excerpt from Chapter 5

  Be sure to Mingle.

You never know who you’ll see in this crowd. A lot of people have stopped by to offer me their congratulations. And you’re going to want to meet them.

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It’s crowded and loud in there. I hope I find you. Just in case I don’t, please sign the guest book below. And please share. Thanks again for helping me celebrate my best seller status.



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Time and Again hits #1 Bestseller! Come Celebrate with me! — 54 Comments

    • Don’t worry, Jason. We have an unlimited supply. I just realized that this is a lot like Heaven will be, don’t you think?

  1. Congrats!! I’ll be over in the corner with Bob, and Chuck Norris. I pray all of us Christian Indies have much success. I think fiction could be the final frontier in finding a way to win souls to Christ. They’ve taken God out of everything and we truly need to make up for that in our Novels.

    Samantha Fury
    Fury Cover Design
    Author of the Street Justice Series
    President of Christian Indie Authors.

  2. Congrats!! Love that chocolate bar of yours.. I’m on my way over to Amazon to buy the book I’ll be back to get more of your chocolate!! Thanks

  3. I see a few folks that I know Deb and love these virtual parties where you can eat lots and not gain an ounce, great stories deserve a great party to celebrate and we all are here to do just that…
    I must speak to Charlotte Miles this woman must have many tales to tell.
    thanks for the invite, will see if we can round up some fb friends to stop by..
    Paula O

  4. Congratulations on hitting #1! I love the sound of your book and look forward to getting it. It shouldn’t be too hard to get my husband to let me spend .99 on it. I love all the chocolate deserts you have here. Calorie free is a definite plus. 🙂

    • Glad you could make it, Christina. Be sure to meet Charlotte while you’re here. And blessings on your own awesome writing.

  5. You know I’m not much of a party animal, but I had to make an exception for this occasion. A #1 bestseller on Amazon is a huge accomplishment, Aunt Debbie, and it couldn’t have happened to a better person. The talent and hard work are paying off! I am so inspired 🙂
    But where’s Jason? He seems to have eaten all the taquitos and taken off?!

    • Last I saw, Jason was talking with Chuck Norris about how to rid the world of bad guys. I must say, you’re just glowing, girl. Can’t wait to see the twins try out their pram.

  6. Absolutely the best party that I have been to and actually enjoyed in a long time. Congratulations on this great accomplishment of being a best selling author, and for sharing it with me. May you continue to prosper in all that you do, as you continue to in the words of Malo, “pay it forward.” I am proud to celebrate with you.

    • I’m so happy to meet you, Val. I’m sure I’ll be seeing you around on John 3:16. I look forward to helping you out whenever I can.

  7. Sorry I am late but I finally made it. Congratulations! I always knew the book was a great one, it deserves the honor and the other two in the series are even more fabulous so I hope they will soon be discovered and reach #1 also. Great party! Can’t wait to read the book you are working on now.

    • Better late than never! Actually, don’t worry the food supply is unending and the guests interesting. Be sure to say hi to Charlotte, will you. She came a long way to be here.

  8. Ditto what Mom said. I’m so proud of you! You’re a great author (and so much more, besides).

    I was glad to find there was still plenty of snacks this morning. 🙂

  9. Congratulations, Cuz! I see I’m not the only one that enjoys your books. Sorry I’m late. I was looking for an afternoon snack when I stumbled upon your party. I’m going to grab a plate and find Reba – she’s a hoot. I hope to see some of this food at the reunion!

    • Thanks for coming, Karen. I know I said you could come as you are, but for pete’s sake, wear shoes already. As for the reunion food, I’m thinking the chocolate fountain would go well with your mom’s chocolate chip cake.

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