The History of Miles Station — 8 Comments

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  8. Hello Deborah,
    It’s interesting that you’ve researched Miles Station. I am reading about the Underground Railroad in Macoupin county in a parallel effort with also reading Colton Whiteheads “The Underground Railroad”. What a horrible time in our history. Reading this book makes me ever mindful of all of our freedoms (African American or white).Its difficult for me to even read portions of this book as it demonstrates the cruelty and inhumanity present in that society. I confess I skip portions of it but the narrative becomes frightful . I’m also a huge fan of “mercy Street”. I traveled to Alexandria last April and learned so much . The nurses and doctors who were civil war healers were so immersed in the war wounds and diseases of the time, that it’s hard to understand their earthly ability to cope .
    I’ve enjoyed reading your blog and life in Southern Illinois . Amy Bauer Crowe

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