Editing Is Nearly Finished — 4 Comments

  1. *waves* Editing! BLEH! But you’re right. We have to scrutinize every word, every sentence. And then do it again. I’m so thankful for find and replace. God bless that little tool. 🙂

    • Yes, Robyn. I used the find and replace tool only moments before sending my manuscript off. I remembered that I needed to replace the name of an actual person I know with a fictional one. I imagined him for one of the minor (nasty) characters and it wouldn’t do to call him by his actual name, now would it? 🙂

  2. Hi Deborah,

    I agree with you about the importance of editing! Though I’m not a writer, I do much of the editing for D.I. (David) Telbat’s books, and we work hard together to get his books “perfect.” But that seems to be impossible. Even when we think a manuscript is ready to go out the door, there right in front of us, is an obvious error! How in the world did we miss that?! Even after we’ve had two other editor-teachers go through it as well?! Amazing brains we have! It’s a process and we learn each time we go through this.

    It is well worth the effort, and deeply satisfying. We pray for the Lord’s words, “Well done, faithful servant.”

    God bless you on your journey!

  3. Fortunately, Dee, He knows our frame, that we are but dust. He blesses our puny little efforts and gains glory through them.

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