That is, until April 1st!

No fooling. The third book in my trilogy Every Hill and Mountain is now out! Like the others, it’s a combination of history, faith, and fiction. Once again Abby and her friends are using the weird computer program called Beautiful House to “time-surf” in old houses—this time in the infamous Old Slave House near Equality, Illinois. Click here to read about the book. Read about my personal connection to the story here.

But please don’t buy my book! That is, don’t buy it until its official launch April 1-5.

The benefit for you? The price will be discounted during the launch of Every Hill and Mountain. (And for the other books, too.)

The benefit for me? Focusing purchases during that narrow time frame helps to raise the book’s ranking on, which makes the book more “findable” for the general public.

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Every Hill and Mountain Launch Party April 1-5

You could buy Every Hill and Mountain  on Amazon, or you could buy it on this website during the April 1-5 Launch Party. You’ll want to stop by for the party anyway to enter my contest to win cool prizes and to get the fascinating supplementary material for Every Hill and Mountain:

 The Man on the Third Floor: the real story about what went on at Hickory Hill. (WARNING: Don’t read this until after you’ve read the book.)

 The Every Hill and Mountain Quiz: See if you can sort the facts from the fiction. (WARNING: Don’t read this until after you’ve read the book.)

 One White Woman’s Education: My personal story about why I wrote Every Hill and Mountain.

So come visit again during the Launch Party April 1-5. Here’s the link that will take you there:  Book Launch. (It won’t work until then.)





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Please Don’t Buy my Book — 2 Comments

  1. Way to go, Debbie! completed trilogy! you are amazing. We can’t wait to read about the old slave house knowing that we got to be the last folks to tour the place. This is part of history that should never be forgotten! I am so proud of your research and your historical fiction! it is a worthwhile legacy! We applaud you! Love, Sally and Les

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