The Pirates of “How Sweet the Sound”: Fact or Fiction — 4 Comments

  1. You’re a fiction writer. Don’t beat yourself up. It’s okay to build on myth and legend. I read 30 books on Glastonbury and medieval monasteries while researching Glastonbury Tor. I think it was book 32 when I learned that it would have been illegal for my protagonist to be there at the time of the closure of the monastery. End story. But I figured if it took more than 30 books to discover that detail, my readers wouldn’t know that any more than I had. I put a disclaimer in the afterword along with a couple other changes to historical fact that I had made for the sake of the story. Fiction writers do that. But thanks for your neat sources! I love history!

  2. Deborah, you had already rewritten and expanded the first part from the short story, so I can certainly understand your not wanting to go back and rewrite it AGAIN! However, I am glad that I noticed this in your blog and know the historical facts, while I can still enjoy the imagination used in your plot.

    I was wondering about the Harpes being up there on the Ohio River. We live near the Natchez here in Tennessee, and we used to play a board game with our son called “Breaking the Devil’s Backbone,” based on a trip down the Mississippi to Natchez, then back up the trace to Nashville, where one of the hazards was attack by the Harpes. I did remember Mike Fink (“King of the River”) in the old Disney Davy Crockett film, but I thought (or misremembered) that as being on the Mississippi.
    to your next book.

    Kathryn Schultz
    I’m looking forward

    • Thanks for chatting about pirates with me. You’re thinking of “Once Again,” which began life as a short story and then evolved into a novella. But who’s counting, anyway?

      As for the Mason, the pirate mastermind began on the Ohio, but then ended up preying on travelers along the Natchez trace. There are legends that say that Little Harpe also spent time on the trace, but according to the book I read, there is no proof of that.

      And you’re right, my new book will deal with the Trail of Tears. Not 100% sure of the title yet, so I’m holding off letting that out. I hope to have it available later this summer. I’m in the thick of things now. It’s so incredibly sad! Of course, as Merri sees history from a distance, she sees the way God works good from the bad. Can’t wait to reveal it to the world.

  3. I wish there was a way to edit comments, after I saw that I left “Trace” off of “Natchez Trace” and that evidently my comment was too long to include the rest of my final sentence, that I am looking forward to your next book. I have been trying to relocate where Ivremember seeing that it will be on the Trail of Tears. Is that correct, and does it have a title yet?

    Kathryn Schultz

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