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  1. I celebrate Halloween the usual way, by handing out Candy to the Kid’s, and reading a Scary Book.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

    • I fall between the extremes on the subject of Halloween. Just like I do for Christmas, I guess. We always thought it was good to have fun with the make believe. On the other hand, we never went all out with blood and guts.

  2. We like to dress up as a family (Avengers this year) and we usually go to a Halloween or fall party with a bonfire to roast hotdogs and marshmallows. We also really enjoy the hayride and bobbing for apples. We keep it fun and non spooky too.
    Thanks 🙂

  3. I enjoyed this amd have to agree that halloween tends to be macabre. Something I personally do not celebrate nor enjoy. Much rather do this!

  4. I’m rather neutral about Halloween. I love to dress up, but I do that in general anyway; I never need an excuse to dress up one day out of the year. I do not like the frightening aspects of it though. Usually, it’s just a night me and my brother use as an excuse to stay up late (with parents’ permission!) to watch a movie together. *grins*

  5. I love Halloween! I find it is fun for the little ones. Past few years, my daughter and I make hers and her brothers costumes.
    I don’t mind the creatures really. As long as they aren’t too bloody looking.

    • Oh, definitely. Making costumes is the best part. Not those cheesy store bought ones. I think my favorite was when my mom covered boxes in foil and turned my brother into a robot.

  6. When I got married we just handed out candy. But then when I got into genealogy I decided to do something different. I created 2 cemeteries in our front yard – the south side was for the traditional monsters and the north side was my husband’s and my ancestors (4 generations plus us). People were surprised because we actually had a human (one year two humans) laying on the ground in the monster cemetery who would raise up after the kids got their candy. Most of the kids were surprised but the fun part was their parents not suspecting anything and were shocked with surprise. What was even funnier is that the one was my husband’s nephew who managed to scare his little 2-year-old cousin. She would not have anything to do with him for several years – she’d avoid him even at Christmas. Her uncle? She didn’t mind him having some fun trying to scare her. It wasn’t long before the retail business started selling monster gravestones as well as others in our community creating their own cemeteries. Our neighbors loved our yard. But the memories of Halloween to put smiles on the faces of the older residents of my hometown are now precious. And I’m sure Deb also has fond memories of our hometown too. Today I will pass out candy but go to my sister-in-law’s church where they have trunk or treat. Many families (rarely a kid comes that doesn’t have at least one parent with them) attend and it’s good to see parents sharing time, loving and caring about what their children do and get on Halloween.

    • Thanks for sharing, Debbi. You brought back good memories. Yes, it was always so much more fun when grownups got into the spirit of things. Once Calvary Baptist had a Halloween party and the grownups dressed up too. I have a funny picture of my mom. That way, kids could have fun being scared within the safety of the group.

      I’ve heard “trunk or treat” for years now, but have no idea what it is. Can you explain?

  7. I always liked Halloween as a kid. I preferred to let my son go to the school carnival rather that go out trick or treating. We live out in the country and haven’t had any trick or treaters for years.

  8. Very interesting blog, especially commenting on the meaning of Halloween. I have read your first book and enjoyed it very much. Keep it up!

  9. Our church is doing our first Trunk or Treat tonight for Halloween, and my family is dressing up in all Red Sox stuff since our team won the World Series last night!
    By the way, I HATE ZOMBIES! 🙂

    • You’re talking to a a sad Cardinals fan, but I won’t hate you for winning the World Series. Love the way you wove Zombies into the conversation. lol

  10. We buy lots of candy, but no one wants to come up the driveway to our home. I guess the long walk uphill to get here takes too much time out of the limited stops to get as many treats as possible, as quickly as possible 😉
    I hate zombies.

  11. I HATE ZOMBIES….just saw your giveaway link on the event page on facebook then followed directions. God Bless
    Litany prayerofhope hope(is my facebook name)

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