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  1. My mother and her brothers would have been about the same age as your dad and in Equality at that time. My mother was a Dempsey and her mother was a Wright. My grandmother told stories of being friends with the people who owned the Old Slave House when she was a girl and staying all night there. I’m not sure if that would have been the Crenshaws at that time or not.

    • Thanks for commenting, Patty. That is very interesting. I’ll pass the information to my mom who may know your family. Since I didn’t grow up there, the names aren’t familiar to me.

      • I also was born and grew up in Equality. What is now the Red Onion was once my Dad’s grocery store. We had a big trade from the Eagle Creek community. Woods, Elliotts Vineyards . Back then they would sell their eggs or trade for groceries. Mrs John Crest would trade her home made butter for groceries, Wallace Martin would trade his double yolk eggs for groceries. I knew just about everyone around Hickory Hill Eagle Creek and Lemington, My first wife went to school at Hickory Hill School There was also a school south of there called Cedar Bluff School. All this history went away whe Peabody and others started stripping for coal. Some of the teachers in Equality were Bluford Barnett, Helen Mangus, Dwight Barnett and I think my aunt Hattie Wright taught at Hickory Hill, either her or her daughter Helen Louise Wright Scott,
        Just a little info

        • Thanks, Danny. It is awesome to get your memories. I hope some of mine that I wove into the book bring happy thoughts for you. I didn’t grow up there, but I bet my mom knows all the names you mentioned.

  2. Hey! Danny, You didn’t jmention that you were a classmate of the author’s mother in high school. Ha! ha!, Barbara Starnes Woods

    • Thanks, LeAnne. I hope I’ve captured that world. It was fun writing the book. Here’s a question for you–when I add this comment to your comment, are you notified? I’m still not sure.

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