Every Hill and Mountain Book Launch Party! — 25 Comments

  1. Good luck with your book, have loved reading the other two looking forward to the third..

    Party on !!! Do you hear the horns ???

  2. Party hat? I’m still wearing my bunny ears from yesterday! Seriously though, congratulations on the release of another great book. We’re looking forward to receiving our copy.

  3. Read it, LOVED it! Congrats on your success. I actually am not too happy that the trilogy has ended 🙁 I want it to go on! 🙂
    Now I am looking for the chocolate (of course I am) and my party hat to celebrate with you!
    Love you!

    • Let’s have a toast with a nice cup of double fudge hot chocolate with whipped cream and a cherry on top. Thanks!

  4. Debby, I ordered your new book today. Can’t wait to read it. It sounds very interesting.
    I know you have done alot of research of for the setting in this story.

    • Research was half the fun of writing it. The more I read about the subject the more I realized I had only touched the tip of the iceberg.

  5. Sorry to get here so late, driving was difficult….through snow and hail, but I was determined not to miss this. Looks like it is going great!

  6. I just finished “Every Hill and Mountain”. Loved it!!! I’m going to miss Abby, John, Merri, & Kate, but not Ryan. Ha!

  7. Congratulations Debbie! I really enjoyed the trilogy. I will miss the characters, but also will be looking forward to what you have coming next.

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