Confessions of a Christian Author — 5 Comments

  1. Oh, this is so true!! I’ve had exactly the same experience. Christian editors didn’t find my writing to be Christian enough; secular editors found it to be too Christian! Also a split with too literary/too commercial, etc. etc. The lack of a good fit is why I finally went indie.

    • Thanks for chatting, Robin. Everyone should go out a buy your book, Summer’s Winter, this very instant. I look forward to reading Summer’s Winter, which by the way is available on for mere pocket change, so I can criticize it for being too literary. Just kidding. When your critics said that did they mean “too intelligent, too thoughtful”?

      My agent, back when I had one briefly a million years ago, said my book doesn’t fit into any one genre. That is a big no, no, because how will they know what shelf to place your book on in Borders? Oh, wait. Borders doesn’t seem to have any more book shelves. And it’s a moot point even for any still-standing stores, because they had their shelves bought out long ago by the publishing houses for the use of their current crop of darlings.

      All that to say, I agree with you–Go Indie!

  2. Good points here. Personally, I enjoy reading about flawed characters who are Christian but working through things. People seem to want Christian characters to be “perfect” but that’s not realistic or interesting. We’re forgiven because of God’s perfection, not ours. So I like to read about people from all walks of life dealing with lots of issues.

    I think the market will eventually change on this, but change takes time. I like that you went ahead and published anyway.

  3. I finished reading “How Sweet the Sound.” I couldn’t put it down. Life happens even to Christians; your books depict it well.


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