Back to School Thoughts on Teachers — 2 Comments

  1. I can totally relate to this! I will never forget my tenth and eleventh grade English teacher, Mrs. Jackie Wood. She held an after-school creative writing club that was the highlight of my week! For various reasons all the other students dropped out of the club one by one, and I was afraid she would cancel it, but she kept on having the club even though for almost a year I was the only one in it. I would bring the stories and poems I’d written during the week, and she would critique them. I grew SO MUCH as a writer because of her – I just wish I could tell her so. Unfortunately, we’ve lost touch, and all my efforts to search for her have been in vain. (Do you know how many Jackie Woods are out there on the internet?) But I owe her so much, and I will never forget the difference she made in my life and writing.

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