Book 1 in the History Mystery Trilogy.

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Abby Thomas is spending the summer in a run-down old house with a bratty pre-teen named Merrideth she is supposed to tutor. Not a dream job. But it does come with perks.

There’s John Roberts, a devastatingly attractive neighbor who is almost too wonderful to be real.

And there’s the new computer program Beautiful Houses—also too amazing to be real. No one knows how it works, but with it she can rewind and fast-forward the lives of all the people who ever lived in the house, including Charlotte Miles.

In 1858, the house is a train stop on the Alton & Chicago Line. And Charlotte is stuck there serving meals to the passengers, wondering if she’ll ever get to have any fun. And then she meets two travelers who change her life forever.

There’s James McGuire with whom she falls in love. And there’s his boss, a young Springfield lawyer named Abraham Lincoln. His debate with political opponent Stephen Douglas catapults him onto the national stage. And it inspires Charlotte to take up the cause of abolition.

The house was a stop on the Alton & Chicago Line. A stop on the Underground Railroad. Watching the house’s history unfold, Abby and Merrideth gain a new perspective on their own lives as time and again they see God’s loving hand in the lives of its inhabitants.

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Tiffany A. Harkleroad “Tiffany’s Bookshelf” (TOP 1000 REVIEWER) (VINE VOICE)

five star review5 out of 5 stars Very engaging!

This book had a very unique premise to me, sort of a “Back to the Future” meets virtual reality, with a little dash of “Seventh Heaven” thrown in. Abby and Merrideth are wonderfully developed characters, and I loved watching them bond over the history behind the house and its previous inhabitants. I thought Merrideth was a fairly accurate representation of a sullen tween girl with a tense family life. . . This book had two distinct story worlds, one in the present, and one in the past, and both were developed in rich detail. The historical aspects of the story were particularly fascinating to me, and I really loved learning the backstory to the house and town. I liked how real historical facts were woven into that backstory as well. . .  There is a definite Christian flavor to the book, without being preachy or over the top. Abby’s character is a Christian, though she has her flaws, and there are some scenes where biblical principles are discussed, but I think that the book still has secular appeal. The book is actually appropriate for both young adult and adult readers. All in all, I found this an engaging, entertaining read, and I hope that there are more stories to follow.

Mary K. Wieseman

five star review5.0 out of 5 stars Encore! Time and Again. . . is must read for those who love history, uplifting themes, and well conceived characters. As a language arts teacher, I am often dismayed by the lack of writing skills shown by many popular authors. It was truly refreshing to meet normal (but not sanctimonious) characters who live normal (but not perfect) lives. The threads of the plot (present day and Southern Illinois history) were deftly entwined. The author’s mastery of description is what truly kept me reading. You can rest assured that there are several passages of this novel that will find a place in my descriptive writing lessons! The author has created characters with whom I want to spend more time, and I can’t wait for the next book in the series.  


five star review5.0 out of 5 stars Great first novel This is a well written book that kept my attention from the first page. The characters are believable and likable and I cared about them — those in the here and now, and those from the past. Positive, but not annoyingly sappy characters; a mystery that’s fun but not tied to the supernatural dark side that’s so prevalent in so many books right now. Fascinating as the two main characters are able to watch history unfold, literally before their own eyes with a neat modern twist, while it shapes (as history should) their own lives. It’s a great book for teens and young adults (even older ones). An impressive first book by the author, and I’m looking forward to the next one in the series.

Chuck Peterson

five star review5.0 out of 5 stars Remarkable book! Definitely two thumbs up on this book! My wife,Wendy,and I thoroughly enjoyed this story. We couldn’t wait to get home and read a few chapters aloud after supper each night. This author’s imagination and writing skills are a breath of fresh air. The writing as a whole was very good,but when she went to the “time machine” mode it was “to die for.” We sure enjoyed the colorful history of the area that was laced throughout the story. This is, not only a great mystery story, but a history and life lesson as well. We were wanting to read more as the book came to a close. Can’t wait to read the next one!


five star review5.0 out of 5 stars Come quickly book #2! Having grown up in and presently living in a house over 100 years old, and always being intrigued by their mysteries and the people that lived in them, I eagerly turned the pages for what might happen next. I loved the weaving of the local historical facts which ended up being parts of the bigger history of our country. The present day conversations were enjoyable, current and gave me a chuckle more than once! Last page left me definitely wanting more!

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