The delightfully satisfying conclusion to the Rewinding Time Series 

More Than Meets the Eye

Remodeling Professor Merrideth Randall’s dream house is turning into a bigger project than she and Brett imagined. Even so, they take time out when Merri’s father pleads for her to visit him in prison. When she boldly shares her new faith to the inmates and guards Brett proposes to her on the spot.

Now, if only they can get the house finished it will be perfect for the wedding. The work would go faster if there weren’t constant interruptions by people needing help. But Merri has a new policy of People Before Projects, which is why she agrees to temporarily “grandma-sit” Josephine Sayers so she can stay in the home she loves—one of the 156 Sears catalog houses built in Carlinville, Illinois in 1918.

Merri uses her miraculous time-surfing software to meet Elizabeth Spaulding, the plucky lady on horseback who supervised the men constructing the houses. She’s a strong woman of the new century, but all she really wants is a Sears home of her own—and for her husband to be worthy of her respect.

After seeing Elizabeth’s struggles unfold on her screen, Merri prays that she too will have the grace to keep her marriage vows to Brett—in good times and bad.




To learn more about Elizabeth Spaulding, the Sears houses of Carlinville, and the rest of the history behind the book, check out the articles below. (More coming soon.)

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