Book 1 in the Rewinding Time Series

Professor Merrideth Randall has a tool that other historians can only dream of—computer software that virtually rewinds time! 

Merrideth’s program comes in handy for historical research and for her sideline genealogy business. When her colleague physics professor Brett Garrison asks for help with his family tree she can’t resist, even though he’s far too attractive for her peace of mind. And amazingly, he seems to be pursuing her, despite the fact that everyone knows dating a co-worker is career suicide.

Using her software, Merrideth gets a first-hand look at Brett’s ancestors, the courageous pioneers of the Illinois Country who withstood Indian attacks, hardship, and loneliness to settle there in the 1780s. One of the settlers is James Garretson, who risked his life to take the Gospel to the very tribe that wreaked havoc on his family. Merrideth is amazed that he could forgive a crime so huge.

She would love to tell Brett that he is descended from heroes, and that he inherited his black hair and green eyes from James Garretson. But she is determined to safeguard her program, and discretion is not Brett’s strong suit. She also has secrets about herself that she’d just as soon he didn’t find out either.

One virtue Brett does have is patience, and he’s quite willing to wait for Merrideth to figure things out.



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Read about Professor Randall’s childhood and the discovery of her mysterious computer program in THE TIME AND AGAIN HISTORY MYSTERY TRILOGY. 

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 The History Behind Once Again

You get your money’s worth with Once Again. There’s the contemporary story involving Merrideth and her friends, and then there’s the story of the Garretson family who settled in my own Monroe County, Illinois in the 1780s–only five miles from where I live today. I loved learning about their lives, and I packed a ton of real history into Once Again. Although this is historical fiction, virtually everything in the story actually happened! You’ll be amazed.

Several of my reviewers (including some who are non history lovers) mentioned that after reading my books they get the urge to do a little research on their own. There’s so much more to know about the brave pioneers of Monroe County. But an author can only pack so much history into a novel! Learn more about Illinois Country of 1788 by reading the articles below.

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