Holding On

Holding On is book one of the Love Blooms at Bethel series and stars Julia Holden and Neil Ashe.

When Julia passes through Coldwater driving her screeching pickup with her mother-in-law and everything Helen owns in the RV she’s towing, all she wants is to get Helen settled on what’s left of the family farm and get back to civilization.

Helen’s going to need Julia’s help if she’s going to hold on to her last forty acres. And Julia just might need the help of Neil Ashe, the wealthy landowner who has the means to make all their problems go away. If she’s not too stubborn to ask. 

Ever since her husband died in a tragic accident, Julia’s had to deal with life’s problems on her own. But the string of catastrophes that hit is a challenge even for her. Bethel, Helen’s church, isn’t much help. It’s now under the influence of legalistic bullies who try to convince her that God has cursed her.

Will Julia hold onto both her pride and the memory of her dead husband or will she let Neil come to the rescue—and into her heart?

Holding On is available in Kindle and paperback formats at Amazon.