I am on my fourth career.

Author Deborah HealFirst I was a farmer’s wife, homeschool mom, and then finally a high school teacher. I taught English literature, grammar, and creative writing. The kids were great, but I didn’t much like grading the stacks and stacks of their papers. It left me no time to do my own writing.

So now I’m living my lifelong dream of being an author. It didn’t come easy or fast. As a matter of fact, my first book, Time and Again, was 18 years in the making. The idea for it first came to me in a creative writing course I was taking at Southern Illinois University way back in 1992. I liked its “time-surfing” concept so much I decided to expand it into a full-length novel. But as an English teacher I had so little free time that it took a longggg time to finish the book.

Then came the disheartening months and years of trying to get a publisher interested in it. I have a stack of rejection slips to prove I tried. I even tried to get an agent. She told me she loved the concept and thought she could sell it to a publisher if I deleted all the Christian stuff in it. I have to admit I was tempted for a minute or two before saying, “Satan, get thee behind me.”

Eventually, I packed up my manuscript along with my dream of becoming an author. I got on with life. The years rolled by and then came the publishing revolution. Authors were going rogue, calling themselves Indie Authors. I decided to give it a try. I wouldn’t wait for a publisher to approve of my work. I would publish Time and Again myself and let it stand or fall on its own merits.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, it’s doing quite well! This is due in part to readers who take the time to leave reviews. (Bless you!) Time and Again has almost 600 Amazon reviews as I write this. Not every reader likes it, but plenty do. Some are positively embarrassing in their glowing praise for the book. This gave me the courage to write a sequel called Unclaimed Legacy, which I released in September 2012. That went over well, so I wrote Every Hill and Mountain in April of 2013 and called the whole thing The History Mystery Trilogy.

After the trilogy came the Rewinding Time Series. It features some of the same characters but it takes place fifteen years after that amazing summer Abby came to tutor Merrideth.

I guess you’d have to say I’m an actual author now. So ha ha, all you publishers and agents who turned me down.

I’m also trying my hand at writing contemporary Christian romance and historical fiction. And then there are a million other story ideas after that. So many stories. So little time. If you subscribe to my V.I.P. Readers List you’ll get my series of free inspirational short stories.

When I am not writing I enjoy reading and gardening.  I am married to Bob, my high school sweetheart, who thinks all my novels should be made into blockbuster movies.

We have three grown children, five grandchildren and two canine buddies, Digger and Scout (Scout had a cameo role as “Dr. Bob” in Unclaimed Legacy but Digger was too shy for the limelight.)

I always enjoy interacting with readers, so email me with your questions and comments. Until then, happy reading.

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