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Charlotte’s House: the Prequel to All my “Time-Surfing” Novels

One year prior to the summer Abby came to tutor Merrideth in Miles Station…

Wind and rain pummel the creaky, old house. Inside, a dying woman hovers between this life and the next. Some might think the house is haunted. Susannah Arnold doesn’t believe that sort of foolishness. But the house does seem to have a soul. And because it does, Susannah and her friend Ruth get a glimpse of the past—when it was Charlotte’s house.



Substitute Teacher

She would have still been sulking at home over not getting the math position, but with Christmas coming and only one income in the family, Beth McCullough could no longer afford the luxury of pride. And then she finds that one student needs her even if she isn’t a “real” teacher.



Good Girl, Bad Girl

Brandy Mitchell came dragging into class ten seconds before the tardy bell, wearing her usual goth get-up and a chip the size of Mt. Rushmore on her shoulder. She wasn’t someone Allison cared to tangle with. Last Monday she had punched two girls and spent the rest of the week in detention.

“Thank you, Lord, that I’m not like her,” Allison said under her breath.


No Crib for a Bed

Robin Finch’s gift with words could mean the difference between life and death for her homeless client. It’s Christmas Eve—a terrible time for a woman to be living in her car, especially if she’s pregnant and has a little girl to care for. But Robin coaxes her into the crisis pregnancy center and asks God to give her the words to say.



The List

Time is short and Bill Stewart’s handwriting has deteriorated into chicken scratches. But it’s still legible enough for the postman to deliver the letters and the recipients on the list to decipher them. And that’s all that matters.